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Mast Climbers

A Fraco distributor for Ontario and Western Canada

Fraco Act 8

The flexibility to increase the upper working area and install a lower step working deck on the outriggers gives the workers an adaptable and safe environment: fit straight and curved walls, and any irregular surfaces.

The freestanding base allows the ACT-8 to work safely up to 45 feet without anchoring to the building.

Power & Reliability

The ACT-8 work platform combines safety, power, speed and flexibility. It distinguishes itself by its versatility and represents the best choice for contractors specialized in repointing, glazing, E.I.F.S., curtain walls installation, metal framing, etc.

Used with one or two masts, this system of cantilevers, bridges and forward extension is the solution to vertical access problems encountered during inspection, restoration and maintenance of buildings and structures. It is also an access solution for industrial projects.

Quick Installation & Ease of Operation

Whether the ACT-8 is mounted on a ground base or a freestanding base equipped with adjustable outriggers, the initial installation and re positioning can be quickly accomplished.

With its unique and revolutionary technology, the ACT-8 is simple to use. Its endless screw mechanism allows elevation at variable speed and an exact positioning of the platform. Also, this reliable mechanism is almost maintenance-free.

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